King Arthur, Merlin and Camelot

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King Arthur, Merlin and Camelot

Was King Arthur, Merlin and Camelot Welsh?

The kings of ancient times were kings because they were born of two royalties: the ancient Celts and the royal lines in Avalon. King Arthur was born of just such royalty. Igraine of Avalon was the daughter of the Lady of the Lake. King Uther was born of the ancient Celts. Together they produced Arthur, doubly royal. He inherited the throne of his father, married Guinevere and established Camelot.

Camelot was the symbol of truth and justice. His knights roamed the lands, destroying the foes of truth and justice. To Camelot came those seeking aid in vanquishing marauders and destroyers. From Camelot sallied forth Arthur’s closest friends and family members among his knights to establish order from the chaos, law from the lawless and peace among all.

Aiding King Arthur in his quest was Merlin, the mage. Merlin is said to have been born of magic. When his mother cursed him to have no name upon his birth, he was put in a rush basket and pushed into the sea. He landed among poor people, who took him to the local wise woman for a blessing. Unknowingly, his own mother gave him a name and blessed him. Merlin began as a bard and grew knowledgeable in pagan wisdom, rising to become the wisest in the land. He advised Arthur and his knights in the quest for law and order in the land.

The story is said to have taken place in England. However, Welsh spellings and place names dominate the ancient writings and songs. In Wales are the remains of ancient buildings and walls said to have been from the time of Arthur. Dark Age scribes used ancient Welsh spellings and place names in telling the story for their time. The chances are good that Arthur was king of the Cymry.

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