What is Medieval Studies?

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  2. March 17, 2013 3:09 am

What is Medieval Studies?

Graduating With A Degree In Medieval Studies
Medieval study is the investigation and analysis of events happening between the 5th and 15th centuries. Historians at that time considered the Medieval period to be the middle of history as they segmented the world’s history into Ancient, Medieval, and Modern eras. Those who choose this area of study concentrate mainly on Europe and the Middle East. This time centers around the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the rise of the Islamic Empire that sprung up like a phoenix from the ashes of the collapsed Eastern Roman Empire. The Medieval time period is also known as the Middle Ages, and the era is usually divided into Early, High, and Late Middle Ages. Depending on the degree program chosen and desired career path, one studies the genre from a broad perspective or delves into a niche category of the subject.

Degree Programs Specializing In Medieval Studies
Several schools have degree programs featuring Medieval Studies within their history or humanities departments, and these programs include undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level degrees. The University of Oregon is one of the few accredited universities to offer an undergraduate degree program in Medieval Studies. Because this university is known as a center for excellence in research, they deem the investigation of the Medieval era important enough to offer as an undergraduate degree option. Those wishing to continue their studies at the graduate level must take Latin for two years and demonstrate proficiency. Western Michigan University also requires proficiency in medieval Latin from its students when they undertake a graduate or doctoral degree program in Medieval Studies. Western Michigan University expects students to take advantage of study abroad opportunities which it provides for this program along with travel grants.

Career Path Of A Graduate In Medieval Studies
Career paths for those with doctorate and in some cases graduate degrees in Medieval Studies often take somewhat varied turns. The obvious job description for someone with a doctorate in Medieval Studies is a university professor in the subject. However, Medieval Studies graduates also work as museum curators or on archaeology teams that need their expertise in the Middle Ages time period.

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